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botanical massages

       Bee well offers treatments allowing clients to step out of the daily routine, experience the therapeutic power of massage and healing properties of botanical products.
       The holistic approach to all aspects of beauty helps to create a sense of wellbeing, mind and body rejuvenation and a little “me” time in a busy world.



Swedish Massage

The main purpose of the treatment is to work on muscle ailments, relieve body stress and pain management. It is a classic type of massage with light or deep pressure to achieve the best results.


Aromatherapy massage

Discover the power of essential oils and massage therapy to find quiet in the wild world.
An aromatherapy massage will help you to recharge your body and mind using restorative botanical extracts.
The main purpose is to balance and heal, its helpful in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia.

Deep tissue massage

Its a form of a massage designed to treat musculoskeletal issues. Deep pressure applied allows targeting inner layers and connective tissue.
Great for gym-goers as it promotes recovery after an intensive workout, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation.
Certain healing essential oils can be added to massage oils, for example, ginger, rosemary, lemongrass.


Hot stones massage

It’s an ancient practice that involves flat heated volcanic stones.
The treatment promotes healing of the mind and body,working with heat allows access to deeper layers of muscles without adding extra pressure. Recommended for gym-goers or those looking to find an escape from everyday busy life.


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